Running the FFC Dhaka, Bangladesh, homes costs from $15,000 to $20,000 Canadian per month. Expenses are for food, rent, salaries for local staff, education and medical, and all other related expenses for the 100 children living in the homes.

We have two "baby homes" in Dhaka. All the children in these two homes have been completely abandoned and are considered to have no families. Most were brought in as tiny, high risk babies, and they are mostly girls. FFC has opened a school on the premises for the Baby home children. This is expensive, but necessary. FFC wants the children to learn English and computers, along with academic subjects, so their future will be brighter, and the staff benefit as much as the children. Many staff came to FFC as destitute mothers and had no place to go; most of the rest of the staff are poor or are needy and are supporting large extended families with their FFC wages. All staff are paid a fair local rate for their work.

school children

We have 36 children with special needs. We have children with all different needs both mental and physical. We provide the children with physiotherapy 2 times a week to those who require it. We have a therapy room within the home. We have one nurse in the special care floor taking care of their needs as well as the other children. We also have another nurse in our other house on the floor of the babies and the infants. There are very few places in Dhaka that cater for the needs or well being of special care children. We have two teachers specially trained in special needs children who teach the children at the home.

We recently received funding for coaching five of our students attending class 9 at a local coaching center. We have a deaf girl who is studying in the National Deaf Institution, at Bijoynagar, Dhaka. There are two teachers specifically trained in the area of special needs to teach our special care kids, and we have the special care school in the new house.

Above is a view of the new FFC building, which has rooms for the girls, the office, the small FFC school, a dining room and the volunteer room on the top floor. There is no elevator! The photo at right shows Class 11 students, with Mukta on the left. All classes begin with a morning assembly which includes the national anthem, prayers, and physical exercises for the children. Each school has it's own uniform. The children travel to the International School several times a month by bus. There is swimming in the pool, outdoor activities, snacks and lunch.

We have a school within the home that caters for nursery to class 2, and children in Class 3 to Class 10 attend outside school. The school provides computer training for all of our children. We have 1 child currently attending BKSP where the students train in gymnastics along with their normal education. This is mainly a Bangla medium School but they also learn English. Below, Tina is shown with one of the children. Tina came to FFC when she was two months old, and now she is on the teaching staff and really enjoys working with the kids.

Thanks to a funding grant from the Retired Teachers Association, FFC has been able to set up a Montessori classroom for about 20 students. The children from the orphanage have learned to respect the order and routines of the class, to take turns, and to trust that they would have a chance to do what other children were doing.

Mredula, seen above, is ten years old, and attends a school for the blind.

Below, one of the talented young women involved with the sewing program.

Below, Joshna shows off her drawings. She has been enrolled in an art school, where she will attend classes as part of a four year course.

The visitors brought special foods, such as Polowe rice, chicken curry, and eggs for all the staff and children. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the special visit very much.

Film Stars Visit

Shujon has reported that the Bangladeshi action film actor, Joy Chowdhuri, who stars in seven movies, came to visit the FFC site along with his film heroines, and provided a good lunch and some happy times for the children.

Eid Celebrations

Shikha has sent along "Eid Mubarak" wishes from all the children at the FFC Dhaka project. People in Bangladesh are celebrating Eid today after a month of Ramadan. The girls received new dresses and henna. Special meals were served as well, with chicken, eggs and rice dishes for lunch.

The books and games were provided by our generous donors. The children were very happy to receive these gifts.

New Books

Muriel Hemmes visited the Dhaka project, and brought with her two large duffel bags full of books and games.

New Year Greetings

Happy New Year and greetings to everyone from the children and staff in Dhaka.

Happy Holidays

The staff and children at the Dhaka project have sent along their holiday greetings and best wishes for the New Year. All the best in 2020.

Rotary Club Visit

The very generous Rotary Club has once again helped out at the Dhaka project.

The Rotary Club put on a program of activities for all the children.


Shujon has reported that ten internship students from Uttara Town university college social works department have visited the Dhaka project. These ten students will be doing their internship with our special care school kids.

FFC Wedding

Muriel has sent notice of another wedding at the Bangladesh site. Saleha and her new husband are shown at right.

Saleha came to live at FFC when she was six months old. She is now 25 and training to be a nurse. She has said that she would continue with her studies. The guests were served a meal of Polowe (Special rice), mutton and chicken. The wedding and reception were held on the FFC ground floor.

Books For The Library

Muriel Hemmes has written to say that on her most recent visit to the FFC project in Bangladesh, she brought along 100 new books for the library.

Lunch Time

We have twenty students who live with their parents. These children attend the FFC school. A morning snack and lunch are provided for the children.

At left, Rubi and China are shown preparing Chapati for the children.

The students have been making a box to hold kleenex. The training center also helps to find jobs for the students.

Trade School

Seven of the Dhaka children are attending a training center sponsored by the government. They are taking a six month course. There are a total of 27 trades available but all seven of the children chose wood working, and love going.

The FFC School

Muriel has reported on our small FFC school, which supports 7 of our children plus 14 children living in the slums. There are 3 teachers; Arpona (wearing glasses) has been teaching at FFC since the beginning. Bina and Hasina came to FFC just after their births. Both are now on the teaching staff and I have heard that they are enjoying working with the children.

And all of this is made possible with the grant given to us by the RR Smith Memorial Foundation, part of BC Retired Teachers. The students in grade 3 and up are in the public school system.

Some of the former girls also came to spend time with their family, and they also received new shoes and clothes for their children. A donor provided the dresses for the girls and new sports jerseys for the boys.

Religious Festival

Shikha reported that the people of Bangladesh celebrated one fo their biggest religious festivals. The FFC children celebrated the festival as well. The children received new dresses, shoes and a special meal. No school or study on these two days! As well as breakfast and mango for tiffin, a lunch with special fried rice, roast chicken and egg curry was served, courtesy of a kind donor.

Family Found

Narunnahar, now 25, originally came to live at FFc when she was just three months old. She is now working and living at a women's hostel. Through a friend and Facebook, Narunnahar managed to find her family. Narunnahar's family came to FFC to take her home to celebrate the Eid holiday together.

Her family has taken over guardianship of Narunnahar. The photos show Narunnahar with her father, brother, sister and other relatives.

The children were divided into three groups in order to do activities with the volunteer students. One group played cricket, another groups was in the library, and the others children did painting and listened to stories read by the visitors. All the children had a great deal of fun.

Students Visit Dhaka

Shikha has reported that the children enjoyed a visit from a group of young students. The visitors brought games, paintings and story books with them for the children.

With different traditional food and cultural program we celebrate. Kids took part in cultural program and had traditional food. On this occasion the main dish is Hilsha fish which is our national fish.

Bangla New Year

Shikha has reported on the Bangla New Year events. Yesterday we, the Bengali people celebrated the Bangla New Year.

Craft Project Meeting

Shujon, our Dhaka project manager, has reported on a team meeting for those involved in the crafts projects.

Four of the older girls, Sharmin, Lily, Roshni and Ruma discussed working in the crafts activities. Several of the special care children also took part, working on various craft ideas.

Lions Club Visit

Shikha has sent along news and a photo about a visit to Dhaka FFC by the Lions Club. The Lions Club donated new school bags for the children and fabric to make new school uniforms and bedsheets.

Wedding Ceremony

IShujon has reported on a wedding ceremony that took place recently. The organizers were looking for a cultural group to perform and dance at the wedding. Shujon talked to the FFC boys and girls about put on a dance display for the event.

The FFC children agreed and jumped at the chance to put on a performance for the wedding. Fifteen children took part in the evening ceremony, and performed five songs. The children did very well and all of them enjoyed a nice dinner as their reward.

The children were very busy with the wedding and really enjoyed the happy and joyful event. There was a wonderful program for all who attended, and after the wedding formalities were over, everyone danced together.

Wedding In Dhaka

Zia and Aleya married at the FFC home on December 17. Zia came to FFC when he was one year old and Aleya was only two months old.

Happy New Year

The children and staff from the Delhi project came together to send New Year greetings to all the supporters, donors and volunteers who give so much to help the FFC children.

After visiting all the floors, the Singapore students took part in drawing activities. They had brought with them paper, colored pencils, erasers and sharpeners for the FFC children to use in their art, as well as cookies and candy. They showed the FFC children how to make paper boats and birds. They then made a presentation using a laptop to show the children something about Singapore. The FFC children in turn showed the visitors some Bengali dances.

Visitors From Singapore

The children at FFC Dhaka were visited by five students from Singapore. The visitors spent a great day with the children. They first had a tour of the FFC building and saw the children taking part in various activities, such as listening to music and dancing.

Eid Holiday

Shujon reports that the FFC children are enjoying a number of activities for the Eid holiday. The Special Care children got together with the school students to take part in singing and dancing.

The girl shown at left is Surma, who is new to the FFC project. Surma is deaf and cannot speak, but she can read lips and enjoys dancing.

Anita will now have a chance to do post graduate studies and is very happy to be there. To celebrate, Anita bought candies for all the children at FFC Dhaka and went there to hand them out. Anita thanks everyone at FFC who helped to make this possible.

Anita At University

Anita has written from Dhaka, to report that she has completed an honors course in Economics from IUBAT. She then applied for admission to a post-graduate Masters level course in Economics and was accepted after passing a public university exam at Jahangirnagar University.

New Games

Muriel Hemmes has sent along some photos of the children at the FFC Dhaka project playing with some of the new games given to the children.

New Clothes For Children

Anita has reported on events at the Dhaka site. Anita is working as an executive officer in a university Alumni Office, and is also working towards entering an MBA program. One of her co-workers, Monowara Begum, in charge of the university library, donated a supply of new clothing for the Dhaka children, all of which was badly needed and much appreciated by the children. Anita, on the right in the photo, grew up at FFC, and was delighted to see their smiling faces.

Pizza Treat

Shikha has sent along photos of five boys and five girls who enjoyed a special pizza meal as a reward for the excellent results they achieved in their latest school exams.

Shujon reports that the children participated in the drawing and hand-writing competitions, as shown in the photos.

Bengali New Year

Celebrations were held to mark the occasion of the Bengali New Year. On the first day the Uttara cultural society organized a program in which the children were able to take part.

The children also participated in cultural events, where they sang songs, took part in reciting poems, and Bengali dance.

 Donations For Children

FFC Dhaka has received generous donations from both the RR Smith Foundation, BC Retired Teachers, and the Gilmore Park United Church in Richmond. These timely and much-needed donations will go towards providing lunches and school support for twenty children, who live with their families but are in need of assistance. Click on the numbered photos at right for a close up look at some of the children.

We have three teachers---Arpona ( she has been with us for many years), Bina and Hasina have started this year. Bina and Hasina grew up in the FFC Home and now live independently. FFC students in grade 3 and higher now attend the government school. Students with special needs remain in our school with 2 other teachers.

New Students

FFC Dhaka has opened the doors to another twenty children living in the slums. Here are the first eight! They have never attended school, and one of the children is deaf. FFC is providing the children with morning snacks, lunch and paying for their education.

New Year Greetings

Shikha has sent along warm greetings from all the children and staff members at FFC Dhaka, to mark the new year. The children are shown at left displaying the art work that they produced to mark the occasion.

A three day program was held, and the FFC children took part on the first day in art and handwriting competiton. Four children won prizes for their penmanship. Nila was first in the younger group, followed by Bristy and then Baby who was fourth. In the older group, Raehan placed fourth. At right, some of our students participating in the art contest.

Victory Day

The celebration of Victory Day for Bangladesh took place December 16. The 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War was a war of independence, which resulted in the secession of East Pakistan from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and established the sovereign nation called Bangladesh.

FFC Wedding

Muriel and Shikha have passed on news of Swapna's wedding. The groom's family arranged a reception where they hosted a gathering of about 250 people. The guests were treated to a meal of sweet rice, roasted chicken, beef curry and eggs.

FFC also put on a reception for Swapna, after the wedding.

Hasina and the FFC School

Hasina came to FFC when she was three months old. For the last 2 years she and six other students have been living in a hostel while studying in Grades 11 and 12. All of the girls failed one exam in their 12th year, and because of this, they failed the whole year. Next year, however, they can write the exam again. So, in the meantime, Hasina is working in the FFC school, earning a salary, living in a hostel and, along with the other students, hopefully studying.

Special Meal

Anita has reported that she helped the children celebrate a government holiday by purchasing 25 kg of chicken for a special lunch time meal. She was very happy to make the donation because the children really enjoy a good chicken curry Liton and the ayah's worked very hard to prepare and serve the meal.

Anita, in the blue and white shirt, came to FFC as a baby. She has now graduated from university, has a good job, and lives independently in a hostel with other young women.

New Shoes

The children at the Dhaka project have received a gift from Mr. Sohel, who teaches the children about computers. He raised donations from his friends during the Eid festival, and when Mr. Sohel learned that the students need new shoes for school, he went with Sikha to the Bata store and bought shoes for the children attending outside schools. The price was so good, that it turned out they could buy shoes for the children in the FFC school as well.


The second term exams for the FFC school are now over. All the students participated and apparently did quite well.

A Happy Girl

Lipi is one happy girl as she is reunited with her mom! She came to FFC at the age of 4 just after her father died. Her mom could not take care of her. Things have changed and she will be living with her mom. Lipi is now 19 and has been attending our school for children with special needs.

American International School

FFC Dhaka has always been closely associated with the American International School, and our children are always welcome there. The kids love the large playground, which gives them a chance to run and play sports. Shujon has sent word of some of the activities there, including games with the students from both FFC and the AISD.

Anita The Gymnast

Anita is still performing as a gymnast. Recently, she competed in the National Gymnastics Competition, and finished second on the balance beam. Anita has also graduated from university, and has now been hired to work as a Registry Officer at the university. Anita wrote to say that she is happy that things are going well in her life.

Awards For Children

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day 2016, the DUAR Foundation arranged to give awards to talented specially challenged children. A total of eight children were selected for that award from four different institutions and organizations in Dhaka, including CRP, Swid Bangladesh and FFC. Elizabeth Richan, the project manager of the AHEAD project at Queen's University Canada, works as a partner to the CRP organization. The photo at right shows Mridula, who received an award for her class work and a song and recital performance, and Kajol, with her award for the progress she made in class work.

Several volunteers are seen working at the school with a number of different children, sometimes in groups as well as on a one-to-one basis.

Special Care School

Shujon has sent photos from the Special Care school.

Sports and Culture in Dhaka

In early February, the FFC site in Dhaka moved into a smaller, less expensive apartment building. Most of the children changed schools and are now attending a government sponsored school.

Shujon reports that the new public school held the annual sports and cultural program day. The FFC girls participated and all performed well. Rubi and Bonna were involved in the dance event, and Josna sang a song.

Two Sisters

Muriel Hemmes has sent along the story of two sisters, Sumi and Rumy, who are sixteen and seventeen years old respectively. Eight years ago, their parents experienced problems, and their uncle had to take responsibility for the girls. However, the uncle did not have the resources to look after them and did not want to leave them alone at home while he worked. Their mother asked a local organization that supports women and children to take them in, and the girls were sent to a temporary shelter home. Then the organization turned to FFC for help. The girls are now back living with their father and his new wife, and FFC makes home visits to check on their well-being. The two sisters, standing on the left in the photo, are both talented dancers.

Happy Holidays

Shujon reports that the students in the Special Care program were busy making paper decorations for their classrooms, to mark the holiday season. A number of local university students took the time to help by working with the Special Care children.

Liton also reports that the school examinations have taken place. Liton was there and notes that all the children did very well. Liton, who has been with FFC since he was a child, is seen in the background of the photo at right.

School Exams

Liton has reported that the FFC site in Dhaka has received a donation from the Lions of Dhaka for the purchase of school clothing. All the school children in Bangladesh wear uniforms.

Clothing Donation

In Dhaka, a group of young students, interested and involved in social work, sometimes make use of their own money to provide and distribute items for the benefit of poor and helpless children. At the time of Eid, they generously donated new clothes, and provided new dresses for 42 of the FFC children. The young students also arrange henna festivals for street children in various places, and offered to do this at the FFC site. Some of the older girls who are good with Henna can take part in this, and in this way also take part in some local social work.

A total of about 100 children and their care staff were invited to the party, all dressed up in their finest, and another fifty children and staff were treated to a meal at the FFC site.

Ramadan In Dhaka

Shujon and his friends arranged for an Ifter party, to mark the first day of Ramadan. The event was set up in a resort in Gazipur, about 45 minutes from FFC by bus. Generous donors arranged the transportation.

Gold Medalist

Anita is a top gymnast in Bangladesh. She is 23 and FFC has been her home since she was born. Anita received a scholarship to attend an excellent boarding school which specializes in sports and academics. All her fees were covered from grades four to twelve.

Anita is now in her fourth year at university, and she is studying economics. Every Friday she takes a group of children to her gym. Her coach, wearing the yellow shirt, also works with the children.